It is all about love, isn’t is? At Intrinsic Moment Pictures we are not limited to just wedding photography, we are about all things love. Our couples and family sessions are about celebrating your love. We strive to capture those special moments that tell your story, show your individuality and illustrate the feelings you share.  

Family portraits at the lake in Michigan.
When you need the kids to look at the camera at a family photo session, just tell them not to look at the camera. Win!
Greta was either really happy or being tickled. Either way it makes me smile.
Cousins holding hands at a family photo session at the beach in Galveston.
Sunrise family photos in Galveston, TX. Couldn't have asked for a cooler family to hang out with.
Payback for...well, making everyone wake up before sunrise for family photos.
"Let me fix your hat." - Those eyes though!!!!