Capturing Memories

Above all, we value the human connection. Let us tell the story of your union so you can enjoy it worry free. We’ll give you some guidance on finding the most amazing lighting or scenery and let things unfold organically. ​All you have to do is enjoy your friends and families and be yourselves. These magical moments will be captured naturally and stunningly. That’s all it takes.​

Matthew Hooker


Husband, father, photographer, musician, filmmaker, and soldier. I’m definitely the goofy one in the group with enthusiasm leaking from my ears. That’s one of the reasons my better half is involved. She does a great job bringing me back to earth so I can get things done.

Ariel Hooker


Wife, rock-star-mother, teacher, best friend, inspiration, and executive of our lives. I love being a mom, babies are my favorite, and I try to keep everyone firmly planted in reality. A family of artists is a lot of work. 😉

Our Story

It's hard to remember what it was like to be without a life partner anymore. Ariel and I have been together since high school. We've grown up together, matured (somewhat) together, moved around the world together, and made a family together.

Very few of the details of our wedding day are clear 12 years later, but I'll never forget the barely contained excitement I felt when we drove off as husband and wife for the first time. We got married in college without much money, so hiring a photographer didn't seem possible with our budget. It was stressful knowing that we would likely have nothing to document those intrinsic moments --captured in a way that would help remind us of that barely contained enthusiasm for each other. 

We created Intrinsic Moment Pictures to provide you with an experience on your wedding day that will put you at ease, knowing you have a compassionate and enthusiastic photographer to create emotional, genuine, meaningful images for you.

​ The last 16 years have been an absolute adventure with so much more to look forward to. Even so, we still remember the emotions of our wedding day like it was yesterday thanks to our photographer. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Williamson @photographywithjessica

Photo Credit: Alex Norris @chuckbonit_

Photo Credit: Jessica Williamson @photographywithjessica

The Reviews Are In

“Matthew was absolutely amazing! We had a blast while he photographed our wedding. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a photographer.
The photos were 🔥!!”

“I can't begin to tell you how much we adore those photos. In fact, we were so pleased with them, that we hired Matt again for our daughter's newborn shoot. His patience and creativity made the shoot a breeze and again, the photos are perfection! He so perfectly captured the joy and love of our family! In case you didn't gather it from my review, I could not recommend Intrinsic Moment Pictures more!”

“Not only were the pictures more amazing than I could ever have anticipated, but they are just amazing people. Best of all Matt and Ariel just took a lot of the thinking out of it for us. Weddings are so stressful and complicated, Intrinsic Moment Pictures made at least one part of that super easy and stress free. I will use them anytime I need photos for the rest of my life without hesitation.”

“"This dynamic duo has a special eye...finding the most intimate and lovely moments. We loved what they did for us. Spiritual--loving moment after loving moment captured."”

“INCREDIBLE photographer with an inspiring deep passion for his craft! You will be doing yourself a service to have Mr. Hooker work for you, and the memories that he captures are PRICELESS! He truly has an eye for creating an environment and the work speaks for itself. Worthy to mention as well that you can't beat the price for services rendered! Bravo!”

“Matt and his wife did an absolutely amazing job at our wedding! They were easy to work with and our video came out great. My wife really wanted a videographer for the wedding but we couldn't settle on one until a friend of mine referred us to Matt, and I am very glad he did. He managed to catch all of the little moments from the wedding that we want to remember and even get a lot of things we missed because of how busy weddings can be for the bride and groom.”

“Matthew and Ariel do an amazing job documenting your wedding day. You're gonna want to watch your pictures and videos millions of times and you still won't get enough of it. They certainly love their job and make a great team together. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you've done for our wedding day!!😍😍”